Featured Wedding 3

Braedon and Virginia's wedding was almost two years ago and they just welcomed their 
first baby girl, Emma Rose, this past July. 
Virginia and I didn't really click at first because neither one of us is very outgoing with the 
getting-to-know-yous... until we both ended up doing something weird with a group of gals in the hallways of Orem High...not quite sure how that made us click but it did. Mutual weirdness? 

Braedon and I became friends long before Virginia and I became friends but I would claim some responsibility in them getting married. Some girls and I dragged Virginia down to Braedon's work and made her ask him to a high school dance. They have been together ever since! 

We became really close when Braedon left on his LDS mission for two years. 
That was the only good thing about him leaving :) 

Virginia was the most faithful person to Braedon while he was gone and it didn't take long for them to get engaged when he got home. They had a blue and green reception down at the Manor in Riverwoods and I was able to make their wedding cake and be a bridesmaid.
Here is the link to my first post on their cake. 
Ps: that fudge below was made by Virginia's dad Steve. It is the best fudge in the entire world. 

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