First Wedding Feature

For so long I have only been posting the cakes that I have done for events...but then I realized it would be fun to see the environments the cakes were created for!

I asked my friend Aly Hansen if she would be willing to be my very first wedding feature. 

Aly and I grew up together and I never liked her in elementary school because I thought she was a show off. In fifth grade we separately made friends with this girl (another wedding I will be featuring) who wanted to be friends with both of us which forced us to hang out. It didn't take long for our friendship to develop and I remember spending everyday one summer at her house. We ate hot pockets/watched the Disney Channel by day and hung out with boys by in crime! I'm so happy that I made such a wonderful friend. 

I was a bridesmaid in her wedding 3 years ago (Was it 3 years ago??) and it was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been in.
Here is the link to my first post of their wedding cake which by golly was
my very first blog post. How appropriate that they are my first wedding feature!

Thanks Aly! 


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